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Crown Web Style to Crown Digital US LLC

Welcome to Crown Digital

Starting in 2019 as Crown Web Style and Rising to Crown Digital US, LLC in 2022

Good business ideas

As a small start-up business, we take pride in continuing our education through experience and applicable courses. We not only make beautiful websites, but we can also market and use the sites for the highest functionality.

We offer help to anyone who reaches out to us. We only charge someone if they hire us to do the work for them. Having a caring and giving spirit has helped our business succeed.


To create and implement Digital Marketing Plans for small business, including Branding/Logo's, Custom Websites, Social Media, and Digital Ads.


To remain a small family-owned business that is #1 in Coweta County at helping other small businesses and non-profits grow to their desired potential. To be a resource for advice, technical assistance and encouragement to all businesses without Charging a fee just to help someone.
Crown Digital will always be a small town, family owned company with a personal and caring approach to each and every client. No matter how small or large, young or old, We commit to helping you grow.
Running through Success

Our success story



HTLM, JavaScript, Graphic Design, WordPress, & PHP courses completed


Business Startup

Developed Winning Software and plugin combinations



Full time memeber of Newnan Powercore, Developed Hosting Platform


Soaring Higher

Upgraded Servers, Enhanced Digital Marketing Skills, Formed LLC

OUr Founder

Hi! My name is Cherrise Clarke and I invite you to know our strategic plan that will revolutionize your company

“I will work personally with each company and take to the time to listen to where you are and how you got there to determine how to get you to where you want to be.” 

Not every company can start out with large ad spend and ad management budgets. But, we can help you get there. Let’s set out a plan to start small and grow together. 


Building Spreadsheets to try and organize the help and resources coming in for the tornado victims was quite the challenge. While volunteering to help victims fill out grant forms at Bridging the Gap, I noticed first hand the struggles that Coweta County non-profits were having in sharing information. Kelli Yeager the director of BTG and I came up with a master plan for a website to serve their needs and the needs of the community.

Tornado 2020 is a website for the community full of vetted contractors, Coweta non-profits, local food banks, professional services, and much more. was hosted and created by Crown Digital US LLC/ Crown Web Style as a free listing for Non-profits to share community resources. 

If anyone would like to be listed on the website, please visit and fill out a request.

Thank you